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Hello everyone! My name is Ruslan Gusev and this is my second time in this camp. This is the best camp I`ve ever been to. Now I`m in the red crew. I feel really funny and great! My day was magnificent because we had a great performance. I performed as Marlin, Nemo`s father from the cartoon “Finding Nemo”. The girls from my crew made me up as a clown fish. I enjoyed the end of the performance because it was very funny. Then we had a candlelight and the atmosphere was cozy. We discussed help and support of our nearest people. Also I have friends here! Their names are Kirill, Sergey and Arseniy. They`re great too! All in all, this camp is magnificent and I want to go there later again!

Ruslan Gusev, 13 y.o. Zhukovskiy


Hello! If you don`t know how to spend your summer, come to MMC! It is the very place to do it incredibly. It is the place where you can get precious experience, make new acquaintances and just enjoy wonderful moments of happiness and freedom. You can improve your English skills as well and the teaching staff will help you with it.

Now let me introduce myself. I am Sofiya Kukushkina, the captain of the red crew. I study at the Linguistics university of Nizhniy Novgorod and major in Pedagogy and Psychology. I really enjoy working with children. Now I am doing my internship in MMC and I Can’t but admit that I have made the right choice. All the people here are ready to give you a helping hand and support when necessary. Moreover, the food is very yummy here. All the meals are substantial and there are always several options to choose from.

And now I would like to speak about my crew. There are 20 great boys and girls here. Our name is “Crusty Crab”. I can’t help admiring them. They are very talented, active, smart and kind. Today we had a performance based on the cartoon “Finding Nemo”. I can’t but say that all the crew members took an active part in the preparation and action. They discussed the idea altogether, wrote the script and prepared costumes. While at the stage they did their best and enjoyed it. We got the third prize but it’s not the most important thing. The main is that all of us had a great time. Also I’d like to tell about my partner David. He is a great guy. He helps and supports me a lot. Moreover, working with a foreign partner is a great opportunity to get priceless experience and improve my skills.

To sum up, I would like to say that I really like this place. I am really excited to be a part of MMC. I will do my best to make the children feel happy and enjoy their time here.

Sonya Kukushkina, Captain of the Red crew



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