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Trial of Powers

Всем привет!
My name is Eva. I am 8 years old. I am from Moscow. Моя команда называется The Spirits of Nature (Green Team). Я хочу рассказать вам про один день in MMC. Обычно у нас каждый день по 4 урока. Больше всех из них мне нравится Craft. Сегодня we made витражи. We использовали специальные paints.

Также вечером нам предстоял sport festival. Во время наших Power Time we начали готовиться к вечернему мероприятию. We drew banners and придумывали кричалки. I старалась помочь всем моим teammates. Во время станций по выбору я посетила English Games. We played games with различные English Words. На нашем sport festival было много различных спортивных заданий. Особенно мне понравилось где мы всей командой ran like a snake. В целом sport festival мне очень понравился. Этой мой первый раз in this camp и я надеюсь, что приеду сюда снова.

Eva Krauz, 8 y.o.



Hello everyone!
My name is Oleg and I am chief of the Green Power – “The Spirits of Nature”. This is my third session here as a counselor and I can say that it’s really exciting and interesting experience. A few years ago, I was here in the position of helper and realized that I’d like to work here, in MMC, because this place definitely brings me joy and unforgettable emotions. I think that my helper’s experience, let me deal with my current position without struggles.
This campers are amazing! Very understanding, energetic and honest. I think that’s because from the first days we showed them that we are not only their guides, but also friends, who always will be close to them and ready to help at any time.
Every day we have our usual day activities. All children always try to take part in different types of them. For example, today we had a sport festival. This is a great opportunity to involve kids to sport competition.
During our Power Time (special time when Our Group has own time), we prepared some supporting things for our festival. Children made some banners, flags and etc.
I believe that the participants of the Green Power, will enjoy this session and get brigthful memories, so we will do our best to make it true.
Stay tuned!

Oleg Trusov, Chief of the Green Team “The Spirits of Nature”


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