They were fantastic! |

They were fantastic!

Hello, today here is Nikita, I am going to tell you about the previous day. At first we had a group time. During it we were searching for ideas for our show and playing games, these games helped us to increase the team spirit. Читать далее…

After it we had breakfast. Then our classes started. At first — group time again. We divided into 4 groups and thought about our coming performance. Then secondly we had Forge (Workshop), where we were cooking puffs with apples and sugar. They were fantastic! We could feel like we are professional chefs. After that we had English class, in that we were talking about food and playing games. During Sport we had rock climbing.

After the first half of the day we had lunch. In Naptime we were writing script together. On the third group time we rehearsed our show. Then we had stations at options (Sport, Forge, Mafia with Me, English sing). After stations we had dinner. And fortunately we had our performance, it was about cooking competition between chefs from different countries. At the end we had candlelight, where we were talking with each other. Our task was to choose any 3 person and put them in the centre of the circle and say some good comments to them. Finally, we took the 3d place, but we weren’t upset because we were happy to write a script and to prepare everything together. The main thing for our team is not a victory but good relationships inside of it. We try hard to become a real family.

Никита Лавренев , Ярославль, (18.11.2004)


Hello everyone! My Name is Neks Breezy, the knight of the Yellow house. First and foremost I’d like to say thank you for this memorable day I just had today, this is now my fifth day of the session.The friendliness, professionalism, organization, the various activities, amazing counselors, lovely kids and of course making new friends are few of the things I am very thankful for, and to that endless fun I had and hope to  have everyday. This day was tiresome but also interesting. Talking of activities, we had sport conducted by our friendly and funny sport instructors Egor and Misha. We also had an amazing  performance in the evening,guess what? We took the first place. I       am not the only knight for this house, I have a crazy, kindhearted and caring partner Yana. She’s funny, hardworking, forecasted and she loves kids too. I am really happy that she’s my partner because our lords are really excited having us as their knights. We love our lords and ladies because they are funny,smart, organised, always want to win and active. The organization here is amazing. The food here in this camp is  always delicious thanks to our chefs who have their  hands full preparing a variety of delectable dishes. I have a lot to say but I can’t express them in words. Rembember MMC is the place where only the best is good enough!

P.S One love, peace and unity!

Neks Breezy! Feel the Breeze!


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