The Spinning Gears Present

Hi everyone, My name is Egor. I am a traveller from the Blue Team called The Spinning Gears. Right now I am in MMC the place I love and call my own. 
Yesterday the day was interesting like any other day full of activities. The attendants are nice full smiles and energy. The morning started with a funny warm up, then we had a delicious breakfast, interesting group time where we played some funny and interesting games. We had lessons like English, sport and workshop with amazing teachers. We were supposed to have Olympics games in the evening but we didn’t because of the weather, instead we had Disco. I liked it very much because no one was bored. The most interesting activities were Mafia during stations and options, Group time, English, sport where we had dart tournament, the results will be out soon and finally Disco.
I’d say MMC is the best camp ever!
Егор Матковский, 14 лет, Ярославль


Hi friends, My name is Neks, the attendant to the Blue Team, ” The Spinning Gears”.The theme of this session is interesting because we’re traveling through different times ( past, present and the future), that’s why we as councillors are called attendants while kids are called the travellers. Well, let’s talk about yesterday.
Yesterday was a day full of surprises, one of the surprises was the weather itself.

We were supposed to have the Olympic games as an evening event, but unfortunately it was raining and we postponed it to another day. But guess what to make things more interesting, we decided to have kid’s favourite activity DISCO so that everyone can be happy. 
This camp is full of activities. We make sure that our travellers ain’t bored. The day always begin with a morning warm up, breakfast, group time ( my favourite time, because here we interact, play games and do all sorts of things to bring our team together), sports, English lessons and of course workshop. 
This is a place we could call our own, where we knew we would always be able to find our friends, family, and even ourselves. Growing up we feel the need to cling to things for comfort for fear that our changing environment will take them away from us. 
MMC gave me time to develop and mature into the person I am today. You know how it is living in a world where everything is in constant motion, where we are always pushed to be better, do more, and get ahead, we are not left with much time to actually develop the skills to make ourselves the people we aspire to be. But this Camp gave me time and a place to grow.
Come to MMC and you’ll never go wrong.
Neks Breezy! Feel the breeze!


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  1. Мария Матковская

    Добрый вечер, Любимый ММЦ!
    Так приятно получить весточку от сына!
    Егор шлем тебе привет! (Мама, папа, Эмилия, Рэм)
    Так радостно видеть счастливые лица ребят и наблюдать как растут успехи сына с каждой сменой!
    Спасибо, ММЦ!

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