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The rising star

Hello, my name is Arseniy.
Today I woke up and went to morning warm up and our sport instructor told me to do 10 push ups and 5 подтягиваний.
We had swimming pool on sport lessons and we played volley in the pool. We had a lot of fun and I hope next days will be hot and we will swim again.
On the workshop we делали палочки с нитками, after workshop we had test preparation. We tried to write tests according to our level.

During stations and option we played tennis. All day we делали music video, нам досталась песня Toto — Africa, we had to shoot our own story. And we заняли First place. Я был очень рад. In the evening Nikita and I получили приз, for winning настольный football.
I liked the day and I с удовольствием went to sleep.

Hope the next days will be great as well!

Almyashev Arseniy, Red Power




Yo yo yo! This is Neks Breezy in the building. To tell you the truth, it really feels great to be back in MMC. Just the theme of this session explains everything, it’s about Africa and I feel like home🤣🤣🤣
Some of you might be asking what I am doing here. I am a leader for the red team «The Red Bees».
Our team consists of 23 talented Zamballians. I love it because the Zamballians ain’t only talented but they are also energetic, supportive and friendly.
I can’t forget my lovely fellow leader, Polina.
She is very supportive and understanding.
I’d also like to tell you how our day was. The day was interesting. We made a videoclip, it was very amazing and interesting. The most funny part was when we were in the process of shooting the video.
Thank God we took the first place.
Wishing you a blessed day.
One love, peace n unity!
Neks Breezy! Feel the breeze!

Neks Breezy, Chief of the Red Power



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