The place to be |

The place to be

My name is Denis Sidorenkov, and I am from Moscow. I like to be here to at MMC, because it is a very interesting camp and there’s alot of things to do here. I met so many friends here and we always play football and swim together. The staff is exceptional here at this camp, any problem that we might face, they always do their best to resolve this issue.

Today we went to the forest camp! Which was so amazing because, the atmosphere was so captivating that I would to return sometime soon. In the forest camp we had a lot of new activities. During first lesson we had lasertag. My team won three times out of four. After that we had archering and shooting and it was an amazing experience for me. One more thing we did was football. We spent great time with our chiefs and team

The last activity that we had was team building. Our chiefs prepared a lot of activities to check our team work. We passed almost all of them. The most difficult was the one with logs. We didn’t manage to complete it, but I hope I will come to MMC next summer and our team will do it!

MMC is the place to be!


Denis Sidorenkov, blue team “Atlantic Masters”


Hello! My name is Ilia, I am an English teacher here in MMC.

Three years ago I came here as a counsellor and now every autumn when summer is over I miss MMC and wait for my coming back. This summer is different though because this is my first summer as a teacher not a counsellor. This is a serious change for me — I miss performances, sports festivals and group times, but I feel comfortable in my new place.

Even though I do not spend as much time with our campers a I used to, I still find some time to take part in our program’s activities. Today I had a chance to spend almost the whole day playing with the kids. We went to our Forest Camp. We had so much fun together. We played many sports, shot arrows, played some team building games and also tried something new for our camp — laser tag. It was very exciting to play on one of the teams and see how kids devise plans to win the other team. We shot and ran and hid and laughed and cried and felt many different emotions. Afterwards we were very tired and very happy by running in the fresh pine air. The best is we didn’t forget about English because children had to coordinate their  manoeuvres together with our English-speaking counsellors.

It was a great day and after taking tests kids needed to let off some steam and relax. I myself am looking forward for our next Forest Camp trip.

Ilia Yudin, English teacher



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