The Night of the Addeaters |

The Night of the Addeaters

Yesterday was very cool! We had wonderful lessons, especially a lesson in the workshop. We made socks for ourselves! It was an interesting experience to color clothes. Then there was an English lesson where we studied places in the city, I learned a lot of new and interesting things.
In the afternoon we have a task to shoot an add about ecology. We shot an interesting advertisement about trash, our whole team participated in it, but the most important thing is that our team won!
We were also very well fed, and this is the main thing! We were given a cake for a night snack, it was wonderful and very tasty. In the evening we have a candlelight where we shared our emotions and feelings. Everyone said that they are happy to be in the camp and that they all come back!
And the most important thing that we realized is that together we will save this world!
Феткулина Юлия, 11 лет


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