The last forest camp |

The last forest camp

Hello, my name is Olga and I’m from the red squad. Today was a very stunning and impressive day because we went to the first camp. The long journey and 31 degrees hadn’t stopped us from having fun. We walked there by our feet and it was very cool. 

We had brunch when we came and then we started our activities: shooting and archery, workshop (we decorated frames to use it for our group picture), lapta (very interesting game, our teammates Max and Vova were leading this lesson). Also we had one more new lesson — fencing with Pasha, it was very exciting. I liked it very much! 

Unfortunately, the weather want on our side and it started raining, but despite this, we had wonderful stations at options where I went to archery and then volleyball. Also we had yoga, football and MTG (it is very popular role card game, this summer campers are obsessed with it). For those who were tired we had fire place where they can sit, have rest and chat with each other.

After that we went back to the MMC, we had disco and also we had an opportunity to watch a movie, because some people were tired after the forest camp.

It is very sad that we have only one day left but I’m sure this time will be full of fun and warm atmosphere (as it was during the whole session).

Semina Olga, 16 y.o., Moscow


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