The First Full day in our adventure |

The First Full day in our adventure


 I’m Ann from the Red Crew. I would like to tell you about the amazing day!

The weather was wonderful, with a mix of sunshine and refreshing rain. Today, I became a helper, and it’s been really cool. We started with a musical game that had everyone dancing and laughing, which was so much fun. After that, we had a lively disco where we all got to show off our best moves.

One of the highlights of the day was celebrating the birthday of a girl from the Yellow Crew. We all gathered to congratulate her and sang happy birthday, which made her day extra special.

Being part of the Red Crew, also known as the Crusty Crabs, is an incredible experience. We work together, support each other, and have a lot of fun along the way. I’m so proud to be a part of this amazing team!

Malysheva Anna, 13, Moscow

Red Crew

Crusty Crabs is our name!!



It’s not necessary to travel back in time to relive childhood bliss—It’s vibrant and flourishing here in MMC. Being a counsellor (captain) gives me the opportunity to share in children’s pure joy, celebrating their victories and overcoming setbacks while working to add a magical touch to their journey.

The fulfillment of decoding their complex thoughts into English and witnessing their comprehension dawn on them is unparalleled. The profound quietness after lulling them to sleep underscores the security and confidence they place in me. The pride I feel when they declare me as their captain is beyond measure. I’d like to make my acquaintance known. I’m David with a nickname ‘Starfish’, a citizen of Ghana but a student at National Research University Higher School of Economics. I am a native English speaker, but beyond my national identity, I consider myself a global citizen due to my proficiency in English.

Yesterday epitomized perfection. The weather was ideal, the activities captivating, and the cuisine exquisite. I’m continually astounded by the dedication to surpassing each day’s excellence. As it was only the second day of the session, we were tasked with choosing the name and motto of our crews. It was a joy to see the kids group together, brainstorming and creating something unique. I was particularly impressed with my crew, the Red Crew, and their smartness during this activity. They came up with the wonderful name ‘Crusty Crab.’ And after this activity, we had a breakfast and continued with the rest of the activities of the day. But what appealed to me was the energetic spirit from the kids during the evening showcase. They all participated very well in the activity. Not to forget about a delicious meal we took in the afternoon. I must admit that it was one of the amazing meals I had ever taken since I came to Russia¬- hahahaha!! Sonya, my fellow counselor, deserves special mention. She is truly remarkable person!

 Should I ever have the opportunity to revisit my childhood, I would advise my parents to steer me towards Nerekhta. Until such a dream materializes, I cherish my position as a captain, experiencing the freedom and delight of childhood through the lens of these wonderful kids. If you claim this isn’t the ultimate adventure, I’d say, you must be joking.

David Owusu Ahenkan

Red crew captain

Crusty crab is our name!!



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