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The fantastic clip

Hello! My name is Dasha.

I am in red power. Our team is called «Fire Friends».
Our day was very good and interesting. My team had a lot of fun. In the morning we had our power time where we discussed the word of the day, tongue twister of the day and the saying of the day. After that, my team went to breakfast. Our breakfast is always very tasty. After the breakfast we went to a sport lesson, on this lesson we had rock climbing. I liked this activity, but it was very difficult. Then my team had a craft lesson, we made a rain stick. And also on our second group time we made a fantastic video for Katy Perry’s song «Roar».

There we were tigers and lions. I had the role of a girl who overcame her fears and became a self-confident person. Our team is cool and friendly! In the evening we watched videos of other teams, I really liked all the clips. The day was very busy, so we were tired and fell asleep very quickly. Thank you! Goodbye✨

Dasha Biserova, red squad, 10 years old, Yaroslavl.



My Name is Victor Michael Jr. Mokaleng. I am the counselor of the Red Team and we go by the name of «Fire Friends» . It’s already my first full summer session here and I’ve come to know, that I really love spending time at MMC working with kids. Everyday there are different activities that we part take in, and experience together as a team.
I’ve been here a many times as a Councillor in the MMC camp, and I can say that it’s an exhilarating experience working with my group and getting to know them on a personal stand point.These kids are magnificent when it comes to each and every challenge they are dealt with.Everytime we come here we have a lot and fun, and it also happens that we share very emotional conditions as the days pass by within these sessions.You build great relationships and it would great to run into these kids one day when they’re all grown up and got it going for themselves.


Victor Mokaleng, the chief of the Red Power


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