The biggest crime in Ramville |

The biggest crime in Ramville

Hello everyone!
My name is Sasha Solovyova. I am from red team. So today was our first day. It was very intense and wonderful. We arrived at the MMC in the afternoon and immediately we were greeted and welcomed by our favorite agents (counselors). Читать далее…

Everybody was happy to see their old friends again. We had a vivid program so we were not bored. But before we started playing games, we had a common meeting where we were put into groups. From there we had snacks and had agencies work (group time). Our group time was amazing because we played some interesting GET TO KNOW EACH OTHER GAMES. After first group time we had sport in Gym, we played darts and table-tennis, then we went for medical-examination and English test at the same time. From there we had accommodation.
In the evening event we had five stations: Loft, bureau, Blue Porch, Gym and Yellow Office. And in every station, we had different tasks to go through. In loft we went through different subjects and tried to guess what they were. On the bureau our team tried to find the source of different sounds. At the blue Porch we were searching for the key which was dipped in the flour. At the Gym we were asked to guess the objects by touching them. And in the Yellow Office we were asked to guess the food by smelling them. It was very exciting. I hope the next days will be so cool and cheerful.
Madam Sasha, 16 y.o., Moscow



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  1. Люба,Саша

    Hi MMC,how are you Gemayel,nose in Flour is great topic! Ключь нашёл? Мы с папой рады видеть твои фото! На них ты — счастлив! Good luck!!!!

  2. Лепетухины

    Hi MMC!!! Gemayel hi, nose in flour super foto! Be happy!?Your parents

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