The best day in the camp |

The best day in the camp

Hello! My name is Andrey and I’m from Blue Power. Our team is Sea Dragons. Today is parent’s day and I’m so happy, because our parents will look at us and our dance. In the morning you have tasty breakfast and play games with chives Tanya and Thandi. And then we show our waka-waka dance. It was so cool! After we have fair where we can earn money on stations and buy something sweet. During nap time we have our phones and call parents to tell about our days. In the afternoon we have a pioneer-ball tournament where Blue Power won the first place and got 4 leaves on our magical tree of Zambala. In the evening you dance in African party and I like it! Want to say Hi to my parents! Today was very interesting day!

Romanov Andrey, Moscow, 10 y.o.



My name is Thandiwe Theresa Chisanga. I am a counselor of the Blue Team we go by the name «SEA DRAGONS» I am a first time counselor at MMC and I should say the experience has been nothing but exciting and amazing… getting to know the kids, their talents and abilities seeing them achieve tasks as individuals and as a team, seeing them get better with team work has been nothing but a great achievement for every team member.

My little friends i call them because of the beautiful bond we have gotten to create… everyday is I experience something new and and I’m ready for it because their little explores with the world to seize.. I definitely love their effort to speak English with me I can see them try and get better at it and I know in no time they’ll be great at it… I will definitely miss them because of course the bond has been great… I wish them all the success the world has to offer and hope I’ll see them when they get older… shine my little stars 🌟 shine ✨

Thandiwe Theresa Chisanga, Chief of the Blue Power



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  1. Дарина

    Спасибо за счастливые лица детей, замечательные занятия, соревнования! Мой Андрюша забыл про дом:). Это наше первое посещение лагеря, все прошло на ура!

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