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Terra Builder Beavers

Hello! Our names are Dasha and Polina. We are from fourth team (tribe). It’s our second time together in this camp and we really love being here. Читать далее…

Today was a great day. Most of all we enjoyed swimming pool during stations and options. We were waiting for it because it was really hot day and we were excited when sport instructor Keaton said that we’re gonna have it.
Also it was interesting and exciting to discuss plot with our team (yellow tribe: Terra Builder Beavers❤) for our evening performances. Everyone had so many interesting ideas. That is why our performance was quit unusual. It was about the harm from digital addiction.
Unfortunately, we hadn’t won the first place, but still had a great time together.
After performances we had a candlelight and we discussed what we like and don’t like during the day using black and white stones. If you take white stone you should talk about things you like and if a black — don’t like. We both took white stone, because we are glad to be here.
But now it’s time to have rest after this difficult but awesome day.

Polina Vorobieva 12 y.o. and Dasha Prokhonova 12 y.o., Zhukovskiy


  1. Привет, мои любимые вожатые Нэкс и Даша! Я по вам уже скучаю! Мне было весело и интересно с вами:))) Надеюсь, еще увидимся!
    Еще передаю привет моему другу Максу Журину:) Братан, веселой тебе смены!!!!!

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