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Spooky Sounds

My name is Senya and I’m in MMC again. I’d like to write about our second day.
I am one of the helpers so together we made a podvodka in the morning (a short sketch to introduce the word, saying and tongue-twister of the day). I was a mouse:)
Then after our lessons and Oompa-time (group time) we had a fantastic lunch. It was really tasty, especially because I was very hungry.
In the evening there was a game “Spooky Sounds”. We had to guess names of different songs. I really enjoyed it because everybody was dancing and singing. Our team was killing it!
I am really happy that in the MMC I can be myself. I like all the events here. And of course, I liked the second day.
See you soon!


Senya Grigorieva, Red team


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