Shadows of our team

Hello everybody, here are Polina and Roma. We are from 2nd house that called Blue Flame Keepers. Today was very interesting day as usually in this camp. It is our favorite place in the world. We are the 5th time here and we both are from Zhukovsky. We are so happy to return to this amazing place and will tell you about this day with great pleasure. Читать далее…

So, after warming up we had breakfast. On our meal we had special pancakes with strawberry jam and sour cream. After that we had courtyard meeting where king gave to each team names of different songs for evening event! Then we had our group time where we played games in order to improve our relationships. During workshop we had a chance to make Pandora Bracelets from clay. It contained some charms in the shapes of hearts, stars, balls and cubes. This bracelet will become a good memory for us. Every time we will look at our hands – we will remember our teammates and this session. Fortunately, summer returned to us again and sun pleased us today. The weather was hot, and we were allowed to go to the swimming pool. We had lots of fun here while splashing. What is more, our team won a nap time with gadgets. We were glad to call our parents and friends because we miss them very much. In the second half of the day we were preparing for the shadow theatre. We were discussing our ideas and tried to release them on the stage. We were given a song about unity and friendship. It was a lyric one. Also, we got ready with the unusual prompts like most famous sightseeing places (Big Ben, Eifel tower), fire as a symbol of our team, and the demon was the funniest one with his horns and trident. Unfortunately, we were not the first in the competition of the best performances, but we are not upset, because we believe, that next time we will do much better. As usual after evening performances we go to the candlelight – the time when we can share all the feeling we have coped during the latest days. This time each person got 3 paper hearts and he needed to choose 3 people who he wanted to give them and say “thank you” with the explanation. We really loved it, but 3 hearts were not enough for us because we wanted to give them to everyone.

Now we are finishing writing the article. It is quite late already and we have to go to bed. We have only 4 days left and we want to spend them like the best days in our lives in order to remember. Good night dear readers! We wish you all the good things!

Polina Vorobyeva 13 y.o., Roman Fadin 14 y.o., Zhukovsky


Hello, my name is Cole Devine and I am from Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia, a small town in America. I study Russian, history, and political science at the University of Richmond in Virginia. I’m interested in International Politics so this brought me to Russia. The language and country have become so important with their relationship with America and I want to become apart of the diplomatic glue between the two countries. This is my first time outside of the United States but Nerekhta has been an amazing introduction to a new culture. Here I have been introduced to a new side of the world I have never seen before.

I have been working at MMC for 2 whole sessions before this current one. I used to be a counselor but now I am an English teacher. I have loved watching the kids come together to help one another in their English studies. Within the teams the kid try so hard to pull each other up and support everyone. They become so close so quickly creating bonds that will never break. When I see the older kids help translate for the younger creates an inclusive sense of community across the camp that I have not seen elsewhere. There is so much teamwork and togetherness that is so conducive to their educational endeavours here at MMC. Being a teacher has allowed me to take a new role in the teaching of the kids. I’m now more directly involved in their educational process. I love doing activities with the kids outside of worksheets. Writing raps or advertisements gets them excited to practice their English skills. Seeing the kids excited to come to class everyday and learn something new is always just amazing.

The staff team MMC has assembled is made up of a great number of native English speakers and amazing Russians who have spent countless summers here as campers and as counselors. This auspicious combination provides students with a prime atmosphere to develop their skills. This is an opportunity I wish I had as a child but am ecstatic to provide for countless Russians.

The Noble Cole


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