Rewriting a star |

Rewriting a star

Hi! My name is Artyom. I’m 12 years old. I’m from Green Power. This camp is very cool for children like me. My first trip was last year. Every day we have interesting missions, perfomances and more amazing activities. Chiefs are cool and funny. And we work in team. Children haven’t more time for phones, i understand they do this, so that we can’t be disturbed. Yestarday we had a mission too. We ran in our camp and обменивали rings. It wasn’t very hard nor easy. We worked as a team. Yes, we have sometime разногласия in our team, but our chiefs — Neks and Majda help us to unit. We usually have lessons in our camp like — English, sports, workshop. In sports we play volleyball, basketball, football, we have swimmming and more games.

Workshop is interesting too. We made boxes, clay masks, plasticine pictures, notebooks. And on Workshop we custom our T-shorts. Every group has Power times. In this power times we play more interesting games like team building games and games just for fun, I like Zip-zap-zop. We also make our perfomances in these times. Yesterday on one of Power Times, Neks gave to us a mission. We made a house from papers for egg. Neks threw an egg, and it didn’t разбиться. We did it. We won! This camp is good,I want to visit it every year.

Artyom Tyutikov, Green power



Green! Green!
What’s up everyone!
Guess who is back?)))
Neks Breezy is in the building again😂😂😂. I am the leader for the Green Team «The Dancing leaves». The theme of this session is «Africa»
Allow me to tell you how we spent our day.
Of course the day started with a warm up, clean ups, then a 20 minute group time , here we checked our children’s health, how they slept and so on. In this group time we also introduce words, saying and tongue twister of the day.
The day was very interesting. During the second group time we played team building games. These games help to unit kids and help to bring the chemistry of oneness.
During the second group time, we were preparing for the evening quest by playing teamwork games.
The second group time lasts for 50 minutes and the third group time lasts for an hour.
During the last group time, they had a project.
Their task was to build a tower out of papers to protect the from breaking. The good part is that none of the eggs were broken)
The children were existed because they built it together.
In the evening we had a competition «Exploring the camp «. Children are given a lot of tasks to do with time.
Guess what? we took the third place. This isn’t bad. It’s a sign that we’ve got to pull up our socks!😎😎😎
This is how we spent our day.
Wishing you a blessed day.
One love, peace n unity!
Neks Breezy! Feel the breeze!

Neks Breezy, chief of the green power



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