Rain revives rare trees again |

Rain revives rare trees again

Hello, my name is Kostya and I’m thirteen years old. At the moment I am situated in the MMC camp and I really like it here. This year I’m a part of the yellow team (the youngest group). Today we had our usual lessons and also a speaking part of our English test. During the sport lessons we had a swimming pool, because the weather is so hot! Also today we had a lot of interesting stations such as workshop, mafia, swimming pool again, roller-surf and yoga station.

I have to say that today was an amazing day, because me and my team presented an exciting and thrilling performance. It entailed a story about the past of the Tree of Life. During the day we worked on it: we’ve prepared the plot, music. I can also say that we had wonderful costumes and remarkable decorations for during our performances. We didn’t get the first place, but still we tried our best and I think the next time it will be better.

Well I’ll remember this day forever!

Kostya Kuripka, Yellow power


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