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Quest «Seventh Sense»

Good morning, dear readers! I am Alex and I am from the Green team – the house of witches. Another interesting day in our MMC has passed. I get up at 8 o`clock in the morning after having a good sleep, then we had a cheering warm up, as usual. Читать далее…

At 9 we had breakfast and house time where we learned the word of the day, saying and tongue twister. After it was a courtyard meeting where all teams had a chance to say “Happy Birthday” to our English teacher Cole.

Then we had our usual timetable: forge, english, sport and house time. We were making coffee pictures, checking our pre-testing results, playing darts and other cool games. At 2 o`clock we had lunch and nap time. After it we had common meeting and house time. We were playing «Skameechka» and «Bodyguard». Afterwards we ate ice-cream on sneak. Then we have stations at options. I went to sport station and played Floorball. It was quite hard game but we won with a score «12:7». Also there were board games in a «Yellow chamber», «Just Dance» in the «Keep» and «Forge». After we had a dance preparation for parents’ day. Then we had Richard`s favorite «Shashlik» on the dinner and free time.

After it was a courtyard meeting and the most important event for yesterday «Seventh Sense». It was a quest were we should use all our senses to cope with the quest. We had 7 different stations. Firstly we went to the yellow chamber to prove our taste sense. I was one of volunteers and I had to taste «ShprotyIt wasn`t so tasty but I was right! ». Others had to eat dry bananas, bins and other things. Then we went to the Keep and tested our hearing skills. After that we went to the courtyard to prove our watching abilities. Then we had to check our «Understanding» skills in the tree house. After it we went to the tavern to improve our smell by smelling different things. Then we went to sports chamber to test touching abilities there. And the last place was forge were I had to improve my legs skills by touching different surfaces. After we had snack and sleeping time.

That was very cool and amazing day. I liked it very much.

P.S. Join the MMC big family. It is friendly and cozy atmosphere here!

Alexey Sviridov, Moscow, 13 y.o


Hello! My name is Michelle Figueroa. I’m 19 years old and live in Chicago. I study at Connecticut college, my majors are computer science and Slavic studies. This is my first time in Russia and it’s been amazing so far. This is my second session at the camp and this time my partner is Оля who is also a fairly new counselor. Working with her is great because she’s so full of energy and never stops coming up with new ideas on games we could possibly play or on ideas for the scripts. We have a team of 18 boys and girls. Our team’s name is the Blue Flame Keepers, they’re amazing, as a group they enjoy playing games more than planning for the plays. They quickly developed a bond, it’s very apparent because when we have group time ends they’re all still hanging out with each other for the little free time that is left.
For the most part they are very energetic and keep it interesting because of all the jokes they have. They are very open in telling us what they do and don’t like which makes it easy to see what works for the group when they’re together. The game that will always get them excited to play no matter what time of day it is happens to be frog. They are a very giggly group and practice my Russian with them definitely gets them laughing, A deal was made for every new English word that’s taught and they use they teach me one as well. One goal that we have set as a group is to get 1st place in one of the performances at least once by the end of the session. The last performance we had as a team was a lot better than the first but there is still room for improvement which the kids are excited to start working on. To achieve this goal we have divided the group up so that the plays are more organized. Everyone seems to like it because they have more options than just working on the play and trying to decide on what to do for an extended period of time. MMC is such a cool camp offering a lot of opportunities to highlight the kids talents in various ways it awesome to see and get to be a part of it. I’ve learned a lot from being here and I hope that I can do it again some day.

Michelle Figueroa, the Knight of the blue team


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  1. Надежда

    привет всем! так здорово видеть увлеченные лица ребят, эмоции чувствуется зашкаливают! Каждый день новый и новые впечатления! Столько всего придумывается , что удивляешься ширине фантазий организаторов. Вы большие молодцы, а за вами и ребята стараются реализовать себя и что-то придумать.
    Спасибо всем огромное за теплоту и внимание! цените каждое мгновение жизни!

  2. Дорогой ММЦ, огромное спасибо за интересный родительский день! Мы в очередной раз попали в уютную, сродни домашней, атмосферу ММЦ, где царят уважение и дисциплина, где все друг друга поддерживают и ни одно направление не остаётся без должного внимания. У Вас так душевно и комфортно, что не хотелось уезжать. Отдельный привет Вашим замечательным поварам — как же у Вас вкусно и что немаловажно — полезно!! :о)

  3. Екатерина

    Просто отличный родительский день у нас прошёл! И с детьми пообщались и сами отдохнули!!! Супер!

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