Proud to participate |

Proud to participate

Hello everyone, my name is Kate and I’m from Red Carriage. The theme of this session is Steampunk, I like it so much. Overall, this session is really fantastic. I try to be a “demo-version” of helper and it’s a great experience for me. My day usually begins with thinking about morning подводка or morning radio. On the radio I talk about moving to the new ages, expressions of the day and some special events. After this, we have a warm up with our sport instructor. Then some lessons where we can do different activities. My favorite one is English because I love learning new things and words. I’m sure that I have the best teacher. Her name is Mika and she’s very outgoing and helpful person with the sense of humor. Thank her so much. After lessons we have lunch and nap time when we can just have a rest or watch some interesting movies. As for me, the best part of the day is evening because every day we have different events. My favorite are performances. Especially, I love preparation because it’s always amazing and funny. We altogether work as one team. I want to say few words about yesterday performance. Our target was to make person on the stage laugh. We made some jokes and other funny stuff. Audience was laughing, they really liked our performance. I also liked it because we did a great job. Judges were laughing too and we got the second place. I’d like to say thanks to our team and our counselors because we’re really hardworking guys. Something I feel so tired, but it’s kind of pleasure for me to fall asleep after difficult day in MMC. 
Thank you for reading, 
Kate Tregubova, Red Carriage


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