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Parent’s Day

Hello everyone!

My name is Vika Abramyan and MMC camp is the best camp I have ever been to. Its always an amazing experience to come back this camp. Every time something intriguing occurs that keeps us from want to go back home. This week was very cool!

Today we had a late wake up. It is kinda of a day off. And no warm-up! After short power time we had common meeting where we had a live stream for our parents. We’ve screamed our names and mottos, after that we showed our common dance.

Later we had a fair — we should go to different stations and earn money (MMCillions). Then we could spend them in the shop, there were a lot of tasty snacks, yammy! In the afternoon we had a floorball tournament, we’ve played with each team and also with our staff team.

In the evening we had an African Party! We’ve prepared different costumes and danced a lot. I liked this day.

Abramyan Vika, Blue Power




My Name is Victor Michael Jr. Mokaleng. I am the counselor of the Blue Team and we go by the name of «Atlantic Masters» . It’s already my first full summer session here and I’ve come to know, that I really love spending time at MMC working with kids.Everyday there are different activities that we part take in, and experience together as a team.
I’m been here a couple of times as a Councillor, in the MMC camp, and I can say that it’s an exhilarating experience working within these different groups and, getting to know them on a personal stand point.These kids are magnificent when it comes to each and every challenge they are dealt with.
Today, I surprised them with a Rap performance and they really seemed to have enjoyed it. I mean, the smile on each kids face just made my day and brought this tremendous happiness that is too hard to express through words. It was parents day and all the kids felt way better after they had a little chat with their parents. It was a good day.

Victor Michael Jr. Mokaleng, chief of the Blue Power


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