Parent’s day

Hello everyone! My name is Vasya, I came to this camp at the third time, because I really love this camp and I will probably go work here. Every year we have a special day — Parent’s day, this day our parents come to our camp, have special activities and spend time like us in our camp but because of situation in the World we had online parent’s day, they could join confirence in Zoom, also as usual we prepared a dance for parents and they could see our dance with smartphones. 

Now about camp, every day we have special activities and lessons such as sport, where we do different sports every day: football, basketball, volleyball, swimming, and others, also we have workshop lessons, where we do interesting things with our hands, for example, Japanese fan or picture made of seashells, and another every day lesson is an English lesson where we speak to our teacher — Mika, do exercises and practice our English skills. 

Now about our team. Everyone is very kind and friendly, I am really satisfied with my teammates and I am really glad I knew such wonderful people as Nikita, Alina, Polina, Sasha and every our guy from our team and about our attendant— Alena, to be in her team was my dream, I thought, what an active girl, I was watching performances of her teams, wondering beautiful scripts. 

Every afternoon we have special activities – stations at option, it means children can where would they spend their time, today I had my own station — Mafia station, we were playing this game and it was a fascinating experience. 

Also we had a football tournament and our team got the first place! Tomorrow we have another one performance so I have to go to prepare for it, see you later, bye! 

Vasya Tsarkov, 14 y.o., Moscow 


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