Our first performance |

Our first performance

Hello everyone!
My name is George, I’m a member of the Blue Power, Flying Dutchman. Everyday in MMC is pretty nice and enjoyable as we do lots of activities surrounded by great people and really kind and caring stuff. Today, as usually, my day began with a warm up, where we stretched a bit and did some energetic exercises. Right after we had breakfast. By the way, food in MMC is so nice, that’s actually one of the best camp cuisines you can imagine. Continuing we had a Power Time, where the sayings of the day were introduced to our team. Afterwards we had lessons: Workshop, Sport, English and another group time. Craftoodoo Polina taught us how to make pictures out of plasticine. With our sport instructors we had a little refreshing swim in the pool. English with my favorite Ilya went just amazing as we spoke only our camp language there and I could improve my skills including grammar and vocabulary usage. On our fourth lesson, which was group time, we started making a script for our evening performance. Eventually we somehow got through it and with a nice idea and flames in our eyes, we started to rehearse. Performing, we made a great show, but unfortunately for you my dear reader, the place of my team will be left in secret.
That was an amazing day and now I hope I fall asleep as fast as I can to wake up and enjoy the next day of my session.

George Rcheulishvili, Blue power



Hello everyone!
My name is Oleg and I am chief of the Blue Power – “Flying Dutchman”. I have been working here as a counselor for the fifth time and I never cease to be amazed at what talented children come to this wonderful camp.
This campers are amazing! Very understanding, energetic and honest. Most of the children have a fairly good level of English. There are great opportunities here to practice your knowledge and learn something new.
All children are amazing. They are very energetic! It’s a pleasure to see how children create the performances. Such we had today.
Every day we have our usual evening activities.
Our main task for the performances was to tell and show why exactly we chose such a name for our team. During our Power Time (special time when Our Group has own time), all the kids were involved in process about coming up with our ideas for our evening event. It was a great pleasure for me to watch how the children spoke only in English during the whole process.
I believe that participants of the Blue Power, will enjoy this session and get brigthful memories, so we will do our best to make it true.
Stay tuned!

Oleg Trusov, Chief of the Blue Team “Flying Dutchman”



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