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Hello, my name is Nikolay, and I would like to tell you about yesterday.

It was a great day. I woke up, washed my face, did warm up and had breakfast. At our breakfast we had pancakes, scrambled eggs, tea, cocoa. Then, in our group time we chose the leader of the day. In our meeting Charlie announced that we will have Umpa races. At sport we had handball, it was amazing. At workshop we cooked chocolate pumpkins. They were tasty. In English lesson everything was as usual. During our group time we pondered about our performance. For lunch we had chicken, chicken soup, tea.

At nap time me and my friends played truth or scare. At meeting Charlie told us about stations. Then we had group time. We start to create our spooky story. Stations was as usual. For dinner we had meatballs, pasts, TEA. Some time later we had Umpa races! We did a lot of things: we flew on broomsticks, played catch-up, carried tennis balls on a small spoon. Although we were served to the children, the victory turned out to be ours. We were happy we find out about it. Thank you for reading this article.


Nikolay Gladkikh


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