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One day of steampancake

Hello everyone, my name is Nastya and this is my second time in this camp. 
I’m really happy that I found this place.
I want to visit MMC every year. 

I would like to tell you about everything in this session.
First of all, we have three main lessons:
Workshop, Sport and of course English.
In the workshop we do different craft with Polina, for example steampunk box and mummy dolls.
In the sport lessons we play different games with Vlad:
Football, basketball or something else. 
And, by the way, sport is my favorite activity.
During the English lesson we talk with teacher on different topics, do class work and preparing for the test. 

But it’s not the end, we still have a lot of interesting things. For example in the nap time we can watch the movie. Of course in English. This is very important for improving the language. 

Hm… what else?
Exactly, performances.
It is very interesting, not only the performance, but also the preparation. For example, today we prepared performance about different countries. We had The United Kingdom. We tried to present this country in an interesting way and I think that we did it really cool (we got the first place).

And what is missing? 
After a hard day we have a candlelight, It’s time where we can share emotions and talk about everything. I like it, because we can have a heart-to-heart talk with the team. 

Well, we can stop here. Finally, I want to say that this camp has become a second home for me and say thank you to counselors and staff for this wonderful summer. I hope that next year I can also visit this place. 

Nastya Molchanova, Red Carriage (steampancakes)


Hello, everyone!
My name is Richard and I’m an attendant supporting the Red Carriage ” Steam-pancakes”. Alena is my wonderful assistant and mentor during my first year as a councilor. Due to work I arrived during this session on the 3rd day but it was a pleasure to be here once again and to have the pleasure of working with her again.
I was impressed by the different personalities and skills our carriage has. We have talented, powerful and creative members in our carriage which makes planning the events easy.

Yesterday we had an evening performance, where we were meant to show a country that we randomly selected during the morning meeting. The country Alena picked was the he United Kingdom, easy for me but my input was very little as the members of the carriage were quick to brainstorm famous characters from stories originating from the UK. The performance that we decided on involved James Bond, the Queen, Robin Hood and Sherlock Holmes and his trustworthy companion… Dr Watson. With the kids amazing performance and comical script, we took joint first! I was proud of them and loved the fact that they planned it themselves only asking me for a few jokes or sayings.

Why do I keep returning to MMC with every opportunity? This camp has the best staff and always giving their 100% energy and time to make the kids feel welcomed and like a second home for many who have created the atmosphere here at MMC that is hard to forget. The kids always have a choice of different activities including my favorite… football! We make sure that our travellers ain’t bored. The day always begin with a morning warm up, breakfast, group time ( my favourite time, because here we interact, play games and do all sorts of things to bring our team together), sports with Vlad who is fantastic and caring with the kids, English lessons with our fabulous teachers Mika and Dasha under the watchful eye of the head teacher Sonia who arranged all the English perfectly at the camp. Then of course workshop, which is ran by Polly. She is awesome with her creativity and her kindness with the kids.

MMC was my first job working here in Russia, this place will always have a special place in my heart and it’s thanks to the wonderful staff in all departments and especially the kids that come here that make this camp hard to beat! Despite living and working down south in Krasnodar, I will always try to make time to join the sessions here as I hold MMC very close to my heart and I have everyone involved with MMC to thank for this.

Richard -“Go Bulls”


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