One day of my life. |

One day of my life.

Today was a very good day. My team had a lot of fun. In the morning we had our squad time where we discussed the word of the day, tongue twister of the day and the saying of the day. After that my team went to the workshop. There we made the rain stick. After that we went to the English class. There we were talking about sport and parts of the body. Next, our team went to the sport lesson. There we were playing floor ball.

Then our green team had one more squad time. There we were watching English cartoons and then discussed it. Next we had a lunch and a nap time. After that we got together on the meeting place and then we started to prepare for our sport competitions. Our common mood was really good and we were very happy. I like my team, my counsellors and this camp very much. I want to come back here again.

Мохов Макар.14 years old. Moscow. green team.


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