One day of my camp life |

One day of my camp life

Hey, my name is Anya and I am from Green Carriage. Now I will tell you how my day was. Let’s start with the waking up. As usual we woke up at 7:30 and go to do my morning routine. Then we were having morning exercises. Today they were very funny. We are travelling in time this session and today we moved to Ancient East. I think these countries have an interesting culture. In these countries there are a lot of views and our counsellor Ilia proved this by showing us the photos that he had taken in China. They were very beautiful. Our evening activities were unique today. We had an interesting quest about Ancient East. We had a good time. We were following the thread and the guys from the Red Carriage were the characters from different Ancient East myths. We had various tasks but mostly I liked the task when we were writing Chinese characters. 

Today during stations at option we had different activities but I went to the theatre class. The girls from the Blue Carriage prepared great activities so we had no time to be bored. It was very interesting and it is my favorite activity from all I have ever visited. 

I am grateful to everyone from this camp because they made my summer holiday bright and unforgettable. 

Anya Chernysheva, Green carriage.    


Hello, everyone. I am a young English teacher from Kostroma who graduated last year. Before coming to IYC as a counsellor I worked in Beijing for half a year in a kindergarten as an ESL teacher. Currently am a counsellor for the Green Carriage. This is my second session in IYC and I enjoy my time here because every day is full of activities, games and friendly chats. Our children have a golden opportunity to learn English naturally outside their classrooms with the help of some native speakers. It removes the common fear pertaining to almost all language learners, the fear of speaking. And speaking being the main language skill is difficult to practice when a child uses it only during his or her English classes at school. It is wonderful to see children speak English preparing their dances, rehearsing songs, playing sports, and performing on the stage. The Green Carriage children are eager to learn English and try to speak it not only with our English-speaking staff members but also with their Russian counselors and teammates. An Eastern saying says: “One doesn’t learn with his mouth open”. I think in our case this is not true. Yes, we learn while we speak. What really makes us a great team is that everyone on our team has his or her special gifts. By combining their talents we can make something incredible as we have already done when presenting Madagascar Island as a task for our performance. We shot two short videos to support our story telling with digital technologies and to create a feeling of flashbacks. Our children wanted to show a performance that would be unique and completely different from what other teams could make. They come up with their own ideas and suggestions, help and support each other. So far we have been doing great and I hope we will keep the pace till the end of the session and not only broaden our horizons and improve our English but we will go far and beyond. 

Ilia Iudin, Attendant of yellow Carriage


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