One big family

Hi everyone! My name is Dasha and I’m from Yellow House! Today was amazing day because it was parent’s day! We were waiting for our parents, I imagined how I can share with my mom emotions and feelings that I got here. Читать далее…

It was unusual day not only for us, our lovely parents were participating in lessons that we have every day. English, sport, forge, house time. They had opportunity to feel themselves like kids and try to do things that we have here. I think they enjoyed it. Also we showed to parents our great medieval dance and they liked it. After that we had Quiz, where we took 3 place! I can say that It was an interesting game! Then we earned money in the game “Minute to win it”. Everyone did some tasks for coins. Our team had 299 coins and we bought some lots during auction (nap time with gadgets, group time with King). In the end of this beautiful day we have watched movie “Captain America”. I don’t like fantasy but it was good.
Unfortunately this day comes to close, our parents came back and we will see each other again only in 10 days.But I know that these days will bring us even more fun and positive emotions, that’s why we have to enjoy it right now.
Авакова Даша, г. Кострома, 13 лет.


Hello, my name is Cole Devine and I am from Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia, a small town in America. I study Russian, history, and political science at the University of Richmond in Virginia. I’m interested in International Politics so this brought me to Russia. The language and country have become so important with their relationship with America and I want to become apart of the diplomatic glue between the two countries. This is my first time outside of the United States but Nerekhta has been an amazing introduction to a new culture. Here I have been introduced to a new side of the world I have never seen before.
I have been working at MMC for 3 whole sessions before this current one. I used to be a counselor but now I am an English teacher already for the 2nd time. I have loved watching the kids come together to help one another in their English studies. Within the teams the kids try so hard to pull each other up and support everyone. They become so close so quickly creating bonds that will never break. When I see the older kids help translate for the younger creates an inclusive sense of community across the camp that I have not seen elsewhere. There is so much teamwork and togetherness that is so conducive to their educational endeavours here at MMC. Being a teacher has allowed me to take a new role in the teaching of the kids. I’m now more directly involved in their educational process. I love doing activities with the kids outside of worksheets. Writing raps or advertisements gets them excited to practice their English skills. Seeing the kids excited to come to class everyday and learn something new is always just amazing.
The staff team MMC has assembled is made up of a great number of native English speakers and amazing Russians who have spent countless summers here as campers and as counselors. This auspicious combination provides students with a prime atmosphere to develop their skills. This is an opportunity I wish I had as a child but am ecstatic to provide for countless Russians.

English Noble Cole


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