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Hello everyone! My name is Yaroslava. I’m not new to the MMC programme, so I know it pretty well. Despite this, each year they come up with new fun activities. This time I had a great opportunity of being a helper. It is really cool experience, but sometimes it can be a little bit challenging because of my introverted personality. During this session I`m trying to do my best and I hope that everything will be really great.  Читать далее…

Today we had a great test of our abilities because of the self-management day. All the helpers became counselors for one day. We had to do normal “counselor’s staff” like leading house time with our new team and many different things. I was a counselor of the youngest house: the yellow team. Everything was great, but I was really worried that they won’t like me. During the candlelight they proved me wrong, because everyone was cheerful and happy. I understood that I shouldn’t worry as much, and I should just relax and enjoy every moment in the MMC, I should also level up my English skills and skills as a helper in general.
I also want to say a big thank you to my fellow teammates and helpers. We all did a great job and everyone pushed their limits to the maximum. There is no strength without unity!
Yaroslava Abramova, 16 y.o, Moscow


Hello! My name is Richard and I’m originally from the beautiful Isle of Man in the United Kingdom. I’ve been living in Russia now for 7 years until recently living in Nerehta but will soon move with my wife and 2 children to continue my Russian Chapter of life in Krasnodar, since earning my Russian Citizenship.
I’ve worked as a Native English Teacher since 2015 when I began my teaching career here at MMC. Since then I’ve gained TKT Teaching qualification that has had me working in Kostroma, Yaroslavl and Gelendzhik. The previous year, I’ve been working for MMC producing the Instagram videos with the lovely Dasha!
I love teaching here at MMC as you form a great bonding with staff and children alike. It’s fascinating speaking with the dream team members which include Americans, Russians and recently another British lady called Katie! Woohoo an ally! Discovering cultures and listening to stories from other cultures and experiencing traditions has always been a fascination for me and I really do enjoy MMC for this fact!
The most important thing for me here at MMC…. the students! You form a great friendship with them, and they love to tell you about life for them back at home throughout Russia, they are always inquisitive and if allowed, would interrogate you all day! I find as a teacher, keeping them amused and keeping them positive and happy is the best way for them to learn. Teaching has its perks and enjoyment but the strong team around you and especially the kids encourage you to keep going… even when things don’t go to plan!
MMC is a great example of what can be achieved when cool heads and great thoughts merge into one place, that can unite the love of English as a second language and creativity around crafts and sports! Never have I seen a faciality quite like MMC and you’ll be hard pushed to find somewhere better!


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  1. Привет, наш залитый долгожданным солнцем ММЦ!
    Вчера отчаянно болели за наших Green участников спортивного мероприятия – какие интересные задания на ловкость и скорость!
    Как приятно видеть Ваши радостные и тёплые сториз!
    Особую радость доставил просмотр сегодняшних фотографий: во-первых, это замечательное “сердце” из участников, а, во-вторых, Вы добавили на сайт целых 5 дополнительных фото!!
    Огромное спасибо, что позволили нам увидеть больше, чем обычно! :о)

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