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Bad weather doesn’t matter when we are in MMC

Hello! My name is Ksusha and I am from the Green house. Today we had the 4th best day of being here in MMC. We had a usual timetable, but it was still a great day. In the morning house time we learnt a new word, saying and tongue twister of the day. Читать далее… (далее…)

"An Island of Joy"

Good morning everyone! My name is Timur and I from the blue house. We have already created our name. We are the House of Blue Flame’s Keepers.

Today was the second day of our session. Читать далее… (далее…)

A good beginning makes a good ending

Hello everyone. I am Sonia from the red house. It is our first full day in this camp. I love my team and knights (Альёна Голубева и Katie Smith) very much. I am very sad that it is my last session in my favorite camp MMC. Читать далее… (далее…)

Приветствуем всех интересующихся новостями программы “English+” 2019!

Первая половина летних программ ММЦ успешно завершена, и мы, с радостью и приятным волнением, начинаем период длительных sessions English plus 2019.
Сюжетная линия программы — один из вспомогательных элементов в изучении английского — «пропитана» средневековыми мотивами. Читать далее… (далее…)

"We don't say goodbye, but see you soon!" English Plus 2019

Our day began with a very unusual warming up, because it was not our sport instructors who performed it, but Olga, the counselor of the blue team, we danced coolly and cheered up. Читать далее… (далее…)

Forest camp

Hello, dear readers! Unfortunately, the session comes to the end. The time runs fast. But we try not to be upset and enjoy the last minutes we spend all together with our family. Yesterday, we went to the forest camp. Читать далее… (далее…)

Tests and shadow theatre

Today was a very interesting day it was a little bit weird but all of us liked it.
All students of our camp wrote English tests today. Somebody says testing was difficult but I think that if you study hard and try to do your best during test you can pass it easily.  Читать далее… (далее…)

Family ties

Hello everyone! Today is Parents day! We had late wake up, that’s why we were full of energy and ready for the one more interesting day in Kingsland! We started our parents day with breakfast, where we had pancakes, as usually it was delicious! Читать далее… (далее…)

Red Carpet day!

Hello, dear readers! My name is Uliana and I’m from the 3rd green team. Our name is The House of Golden Coconut Sharks, “because we are the mighty coconuts who have the strongest pedigree in our hearts” (this is our moto, by the way). Читать далее… (далее…)

American Independence Day

The day started with warm up, and it was very cool because Vlad and Misha has us do funny exercises. In the courtyard meeting, we celebrated the 4th of July, which is American Independence Day. Читать далее… (далее…)

Mental arithmetic

So, to tell you the truth, I am a great performances lover! In my childhood I wanted to be an actor and now I really enjoy being on the scene. And, you know, today I had the great opportunity to realize myself. Читать далее…. (далее…)

No strength without unity

Hello dear readers! My name is Michael and I’m from Moscow! Today was one more interesting day! Every day we have special trials and today is Trial of strength. Читать далее… (далее…)

The best recipe was found!

Hello everyone!

It’s my 2nd time here in MMC and it is absolutely great each year, because all days are full of emotions and new experience. Читать далее… (далее…)

Amazing day in MMC

Hi! I’m Sonya. Today was a really amazing day. We played a game called Trademark where we each made a business, and advertised to the other kids. It was a competition, and I think that our team will win this competition because we were smart, friendly and active.  Читать далее… (далее…)

The beginning of the session

Hello, my name is Nastya. Today, we had the first full day of camp. My team chose me as a leader of the day. After breakfast, I raised a flag during our courtyard meeting. It was an amazing feeling. Then, my team and I went to 4 lessons: sport, house time, forge and English lessons. Читать далее… (далее…)

English+2019-3 стартовала! Спешим навстречу новому!

Приветствую всех интересующихся новостями программы “English+” 2019!

Наша третья языковая программа этого лета успешно стартовала. У нас сменился правитель королевства. Теперь это прекрасный король Егор Репкин и его владение — Kingsland! Ну а юные жители королевства собрались неспроста! Они «сражаются» за honor стать King’s Council! Читать далее… (далее…)

Day in the forest

Hello, my name is Timothy and I’m from blue house! Today we had forest camp! We had lessons as usual but not usually lessons. Читать далее… (далее…)

Shadow theatre

Today we had very busy day, because we had exams. As for me it was very easy (I did KET) and I hope that I passed it with a good result. Also we had unusual schedule in the first part of the day, that’s why we didn’t have some lessons. Читать далее…. (далее…)

Parents Day in English Plus

Hi everyone! I’m Lady Masha from the House of Golden Lions and today I tell you about the best day in our Queensland. It’s the best because we had Parents Day!! I was very happy because my grandparents and my little brother visited me. Читать далее… (далее…)

House of Queen Bees

Вам пишет Тимофей Рыжов из The House of Queen Bees. Yesterday было Trial of Fine Arts. Мы получили много emotions от подготовки к evening фильму. Каждый попробовал показать себя в film industry. Читать далее… (далее…)