My Thoughts About This Session

Hello, everyone, it’s Yaroslav from IYC and I want to tell you my impressions from this session. Today it was a good day, a lot of interesting things happened. Today we travelled in time to Ancient China. It is such an interesting place. We had a quest where we had to find the spider and return the princess that he had stolen. It was very funny and exiting, we did a lot of different activities together and learnt a lot of new things. I also really liked Mafia station which Ksusha led today. I made new friends and had a lot of fun. Other activities were the same as yesterday but they were very impressive too. By the way I really liked our dance introduction of the dance that we will show on the parent’s day. 

I want to add a couple of words about my expectations about this session. I strongly want to find even more new friends. Of course I hope for other interesting places we will visit and activities there. I think thing the most important thing for that I expect from this session is the disco. I remember that the previous disco was really long but I hope that the finale disco will be longer. 

Yaroslav Belozerov, 12 yo. 


Hello, everyone. I am a young English teacher from Kostroma who graduated last year. Before coming to IYC as a counsellor I worked in Beijing for half a year in a kindergarten as an ESL teacher. Currently am a counsellor for the Green Carriage. This is my second session in IYC and I enjoy my time here because every day is full of activities, games and friendly chats. Our children have a golden opportunity to learn English naturally outside their classrooms with the help of some native speakers. It removes the common fear pertaining to almost all language learners, the fear of speaking. And speaking being the main language skill is difficult to practice when a child uses it only during his or her English classes at school. It is wonderful to see children speak English preparing their dances, rehearsing songs, playing sports, and performing on the stage. The Green Carriage children are eager to learn English and try to speak it not only with our English-speaking staff members but also with their Russian counselors. An Eastern saying says: “One doesn’t learn with his mouth open”. I think in our case this is not true. Yes, we learn while we speak. What really does make us a great team is that we are a small but diverse community, everyone on our team has his or her special gifts. By combining their talents we can make something incredible as we have already done when performing our own version of the famous story “Viy” by N.V. Gogol. Our children wanted to show a performance that would be unique and completely different from what other teams could make. They come up with their own ideas and suggestions, help and support each other. So far we have been doing great and I hope we will keep the pace till the end of the session and not only broaden our horizons and improve our English but we will go far and beyond. 

Ilia Iudin, the attendant of the 3 carriage.


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