My favourite class is sport and workshop |

My favourite class is sport and workshop

Hi, I am Artem. I am 10 years old. I am from Blue Team. I like this camp. There are speaking English and playing games and I have good time. I am in the camp in the summer. In this camp, we split into four teams and live in our rooms. In the rooms, we have three bank-beds. They are comfortable. There are a table and chairs. 

Everyday we go to warm up and then we go to breakfast. For breakfast we have serials with milk, porridge or zapekanka with jam or sguschenka. Then we have our group time. At group time, we talk about today’s day and prepare for our performance. In performance we perform on the stage and three teams watch it. I like this and I want to participate in this again. After group time we have confluence meeting. In this we hear the information of the day. After this we have the squad time again. After squad time we have free time. In this we can play football on the sports ground or jump on the trampolines or have rest. After free time we have English. In English we speak English and do exercises. After English we have workshop. At the workshop, we do something with our hands. There we can paint, do a project and prepare for our performance. Then we go to our sport class. We can rollersurf, play floorball or play games.

My favourite class is sport and workshop. After sport goes free time and then we have lunch. For lunch we have soup and a second meal. For the second meal we have rice with meat, and carrots. In the camp, we have stations at option. In this we can choose a class and what we do. We can go to workshop and do something. We can go to sports  ground and play games there. We can go to the meeting place and dance. And we can go to the Yellow class and speak English. Also we have got nap time. In this time, we can sleep, have rest or watch a film in English.  

In this camp, I like everything and want to go the camp again. 

Artem Ezhov, 10 years old.  



Hello, everyone. I am a young English teacher from Kostroma. Before coming to IYC as a counsellor I worked in Beijing for half a year in a kindergarten as an ESL teacher. Currently am a counsellor for the Blue Squad. This is my second year in IYC and I enjoy my time here because every day is full of activities, games and friendly chats. Our children have a golden opportunity to learn English naturally outside their classrooms with the help of native speakers. It removes the common fear pertaining to almost all language learners, the fear of speaking. And speaking being the main language skill is difficult to practice when a child uses it only during his or her English classes at school. It is wonderful to see children speak English while doing everything: dancing, rehearsing songs, playing sports, and performing on the stage.

The Blue Squad children are eager to learn English and try to speak it not only with our English-speaking staff members but also with their Russian counselors and teammates. An Eastern saying says: “One doesn’t learn with his mouth open”. I think in our case this is not true. Yes, we learn while we speak. What really makes us a great team is that everyone on our team has his or her special gifts. By combining their talents we can make something incredible as we have already done when presenting our name “Galaxy Defenders” as a task for our performance. Our children wanted to show a performance that would be unique and completely different from what other teams could make. They come up with their own ideas and suggestions, help and support each other. So far we have been doing great and I hope we will keep the pace till the end of the session and not only broaden our horizons and improve our English but we will go far and beyond. 

Ilia Iudin, coach of the Blue squad.


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