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My experience

I am Dee, a teacher at the international youth center(ММЦ) in Nerekhta.
Got invited for the first time some weeks back for the first autumn section, little did I know that I would be back again this quick for the second autumn section which ends tomorrow 5th of November.
Working with their great staff/team is the best working atmosphere anyone could wish for, calm, loving, always each other’s keeper and welcoming. I enjoyed and still enjoy working them all. And hey, of course, MMC has the best kids/teenagers ever, they all depict good behaviours and morals, obedient, respectful and well trained. I have learnt a lot from them same way they have also gotten from me. I really enjoyed the lessons, stations and other activities.

The word «boring» doesn’t exist in this wonder land. I am yet to go for the forest trips with the kids but I know for sure it is full of memories because they always come back with smiles. I therefore use this opportunity to invite each and everyone who has not had the opportunity to register for any of the sessions. Hurry and come in your numbers. MMC awaits your registrations.

See you all soon!!!

Dorcas Adjei, English teacher


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