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My day in MMC

Hi! My name is Dima. I’m twelve years old. I’m from Yaroslavl. Now I’m gonna tell you about yesterday. I got up at eight o’clock with my neighbours with music. Music was very beautiful. At 8:10 I went to the bathroom.
After this I went to the sport ground. Stas (our sport instructor) showed morning warm up. After this I went to the room. I cleaned up my room. Room was very clean and beautiful. And I went to the canteen. Food was very tasty. After canteen I went to the tree house. I had a power time in the tree house. After this I had English classes with Ilhya. Ilya is very the good teacher.

After this I have a power time. Power time was in the blue porch. After power time I had a WorkShop. WorkShop leader is Polina. Polina is very the Kind and Good teacher. I did a custom t-shirt. After this I had Sport lesson. Maks and Stas are our Sport teachers. They’re very kind and sporty. After sport I had a lunch. Then I went to the move where I watched Iron man 2. After move I went to the Call Zamballa. After this I went to the power time. I had stations at options. I usually go to the sport because it’s very interesting. After station at option I went to the dinner. And after diner I had free time. We also had our second performance and we got the first place. After that I went to the bed. I think the day was beautiful.

Chastukhin Dima, Yellow power


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