Music makes us merry |

Music makes us merry

My name is Andrey, I’m from red power. Yesterday was one of the best days in this camp, because it was my birthday and also I became a main character of musical clip! In the morning I woke up and did all my morning routine, then we had a morning warm up and morning group time, where I was chosen as a leader of the day. After breakfast at the morning meeting the whole camp congratulated me with my day. Later we had our daily activities like sports, workshop, power time and English. By the way, yesterday we had trial exam that I passed not bad. After activities we had lunch and nap time. That was the moment when video shooting started. I was busy the hole time because I was the main character, so there were a lot of scenes with me. When nap time ended, we had common meeting, and then we went to the power time, where video shooting continued. I felt myself as a real Hollywood star or smth like that. The last scenes of the clip were made only on the stations at options. I had thoughts like «finally we did it, I hope our clip will be cool».

Then was dinner. As always, the food was excellent, I really liked it. After the meal was the time to watch all the clips teams had done, but there were some problems, that’s why it was one hour later. And when the whole camp sat in the main hall, the «show» began. Between the videos there were people with their talents, like singing or playing the piano. I liked everything that evening. When we watched all the clips, we had common meeting and found out that our team got the 3rd place out of 4. That was a little bit sad, but anyway we did everything together that’s why I didn’t really care about that. Finally, the meeting ended and we went to the snack. As I had my birthday, all the people of the camp made a ‘river’ with their hands. When I came through that ‘river’, I met a birthday cake there! It was quite big and nice one, and I really liked its taste. After snack I went to my room, did all the evening routine and went to sleep.

Andrey Arseniuk, Red power


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