Life is short but art is long! |

Life is short but art is long!

These words can perfectly characterize that day. It was a real triumph of art and music. I, Timofey Serdsev, a guy from Red Power, would like to tell about all the marvelous and interesting events that happened that day.
I’d like to start with mentioning the morning common meeting where I actually participated not only as a member of Red Power but also as a helper. There Powers were told that they have an opportunity to take part in the music video awards that’s why the whole day Powers were doing their music video for the songs that were given.
During our power times we were working on the plot and shoot our video. We were doing it as a real good team that’s why our work got the first place.
Moreover, I played on the stage with our lovely squad of helpers. We did a great, huge and difficult but actually a cheerful and satisfying work. We all loved it. And as for me, I played and sang music on the stage. When I sang my song “Can you feel my heart” I tried to express it really emotionally and that’s why the applauses after my song were incredibly loud. I always love such moments when I see people treat my performance as a well done.
That day is an example of fraternity formed under sempiternal things: art, music and friendship. It’s one of the most memorable days in this session, that nobody will forget and everyone will love.

Timofey Serdtsev from Red “WINX” Power



Hey guys, I go by the name of Victor Michael Mokaleng. I am the councillor of Red Team also known as “Winx” named after the popular cartoon. The time I spent here in MMC gets better by the day, because we always have a wonderful experience when we get together here in Neretha. Running into familiar faces every time I come here are one of the many joys I can expect. What a theatrical musical day it was!
Today we held one of my most favourite events here at the camp which is the musical awards ceremony,whereby the team that shoots the best music video wins and gets crowned the best for doing so. It turned out that all teams won first place and let me be the devils advocate and say that this is sincerely true, all performances were far beyond my imagination, it was astonishing!
I have a feeling tha this might be one my last few session here at MMC since I’m leaving Russia and going back to home home country and I have to that I will deeply miss the this camp and what it had offered me over the time span I’ve been here.

Victor Mokaleng, chief of the Red Power


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