Intellectual evening |

Intellectual evening

Hello, my name is Masha. I’m 13 years old. I’m from Ramenskoe – it’s a small town near Moscow. I went to this camp with my twin sister Katya. It’s my first time here. 

Today we have the second part of our English test — speaking and also our lessons. During the sport lesson we had swimming pool. Children had lots of fun! During the workshop lesson we had very interesting thing — tie-dye, we colored white socks, we hope the result will be cool.

After snack we had different stations at option. I chose fencing. For me it was interesting and really funny, we learnt a lot of new things.

In the evening we had an interesting game called ChGK (Что, где, когда in Russian). All participants were divided in groups of six. It was very difficult game I think, but riddles and questions were very interesting. But anyway, the day was exciting! I’m really happy to be in this camp.

Маша Полоскова, 13 лет, Раменское


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