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Ingenious Celebrations


I am Evgeniy and I’m 12 years old. I come from Kostroma and this is my fifth time of partaking in the camp at MMC. This camp is my favorite since it’s a great location to meet new people.  In fact, the feel at this camp is just like home.

We began today with a lot of excitement about the victory my team had during our ‘Space Sounds’ activity the previous day. Also, one of my teammates, Ksenia, had her birthday today so we all congratulated and wished her well. The feeling motivated us greatly for the activities for today. Every one loved the English lesson because we learned with lots of fun. The project we also undertook during our Workshop lovely. After, we had swimming for sports and it was really an enjoyable moment. 

Then comes our preparation for the evening activity. My team was to organize a Maslenitsa festival for Scientist Millicent who missed it and was sad. Everyone in the team was very active contributing their ideas for creating the plot. It was really wonderful to see the team spirit that we showed. But this is even the smallest part. The greatest part of team spirit was demonstrated when each group within the plot was rehearsing. Everybody was serious wiling to give the best to help us win again and I was really happy because in the end we showed a great performance.

The day was crowned with a grand celebration of my teammate’s birthday. In fact, the excitement on her face told it all. It was so special. We all sat and ate a beautifully designed cake with her and congratulated her once again. My advice for you dear friend is that if you have not been to MMC then you are missing out on something wonderful!

Evgeniy Tikhomirov, Yellow rover




It is said by Jack Canfield, “make a conscious effort to surround yourself with positive, nourishing, and uplifting people – people who believe in you, encourage you to go after your dreams, and applaud your victories” and I must attest that I have found this at MMC. I am David Owusu-Mensah, and I’m originally from the West African nation of Ghana. I have obtained permanent residency in the Russian Federation by enrolling in the Economics and Economic Policy master’s programme at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow.

I must say that it is really exciting for me to be a counselor at the International Youth Camp here in Nerekhta because every session promises to be incredible. You will be more than comfortable and refreshed by the social environment that has been developed here. Everyone is friendly and always tries to put a smile on your face by motivating you to do your best.

The day began with a lot of energy because of the exciting contest the previous day. Everyone was poised for action by this winning spirit. The conducive weather condition supported all the activities for the day. Discussing the day’s events and how we may improve today’s activities, we had an excellent time as a group during our first rover time. We also had a birthday celebrant in our team so we all congratulated and wished her well in her new age and entire life. It is so lovely to witness the love the group showed and the heart-warming wishes every member spoke.

The day’s activity began with English lessons and the kids really loved it because of the educative fun game they played. Each child displayed his or her creativity and artistic abilities during the workshop with Polyna, which was enjoyable as well. Sports with Max and Stas took the group for swimming during sports and the expressions on their faces conveyed how delightful the kids were. Then comes the big event for everyone, ‘Creating Extraterrestrial Holidays’. The zeal demonstrated by each team for the evening’s activity was sensational. Each team had the winning spirit and was actively preparing for the performance. In fact, such a preparation gave an awesome performance from every team and everyone appreciated the creativity and artistry displayed.

It saddens me that you have still not enrolled for any of the exciting Camp sessions at MMC. Come and get the positive vibes that will spur you on for greatness!

David, Counsellor (Yellow Rover, Yellow Comets)


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