Impressiveness continued |

Impressiveness continued

Hello everyone!
I would like to tell you how we spent our third day here at MMC. Frankly, I think it’s a fascinating way to spend my time . This day was full of emotions and impressions. However, I will tell you everything in order.

The first event for me was producing the morning radio. It was my individual task because I’m one of Patrick’s helpers this session. Despite my emotions I felt pretty excited. I think I did a good job as others gave me positive feedback.

Then we had our English lesson. Our teacher Richard, is a creative and positive person. After a short break we had a sport lesson. We skied in the park and I really enjoyed the surrounding nature. By the way, our saying of the day was about ecology.

Second part of the day included stations at options and a trailblazing quest. During our stations I chose speaking. It was real cool to discuss different topics. About trailblazing: it consisted of different activities, we had to complete interesting tasks. In my opinion such events help to develop brains.

Based on all things written above. I can say with confidence that the previous day presented a lot of experience.

Vsevolod Shkurenko, 17 y.o.


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