Immersion in Zamballa :) |

Immersion in Zamballa :)

Hello everyone!
My name is Sofia and I want to tell you about our first day.In the morning we had warm up and four lessons as usual. During a sport lesson we played floorball, it was really funny. Then we went to workshop where we made our thematic African boxes for handmade things that we will do later. On a power time we discussed name and motto for our team. It also helped us to know each other better. After that we had our first English lessons. After naptime there were stations at option. Today we had workshop,mafia and sport.In the evening there was event called Tunes of Zamballa where we needed to name tunes of the songs . It was a competition so we could get extra points for dancing. It was really exiting and energetic. This day was so fun and active. I am sure this session will be amazing!

Sofia Mordasova, Red power



Hello everyone!
My name is Oleg and I am chief of the Red Power – “Order of Crimson Phoenix”. This is my sixth time working here as a counselor and I am very excited to work with such talented children. Despite the fact that one day has passed, the atmosphere in our team and in the camp as a whole is very friendly. The guys try to help each other, really work as a team. Today we had a task for the day to come up with a name and motto for our team. The guys worked smoothly, quickly and accurately.Most of the children have a fairly good level of English. There are great opportunities here to practice your knowledge and learn something new.
In the evening we had a themed game “Sounds of Nature”. Its essence was that the children guessed the songs from a small passage. It so happened that our team took second place. Well, nothing, the most interesting is yet to come! It was a great pleasure for me to watch how the children spoke only in English during the whole process.
I believe that participants of the Red Power, will enjoy this session and get brigthful memories, so we will do our best to make it true.
Stay tuned!

Oleg Trusov, Chief of the Red Power “Order of Crimson Phoenix”


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