I like this camp very much |

I like this camp very much

Hi, my name is Nikita. I’m twelve. In this camp I am for the second time. And like this camp very much. Here you’ll never be alone, friends will always be with you. There are a lot of interesting places in this camp, for example, the treehouse. Here you can have a group time or English lesson. Every day we get up at 8 o’clock, then we have time to tidy up our rooms and after that we have a good зарядка. After зарядка we choose the leader of the day. Leader will raise and put down the flags and will be asked question. For example: word, saying, and tongue twister of the day. After that we can go to eat our breakfast. It is very tasty. I like snacks, dinners and lunches in this camp. We can have interesting events, for example performances. What about quests? In this time we need to find fuel for our time machine. And we также будем праздновать mummie’s year. In this camp you always will be in a good physical form. After evening snack we can go to disco, and it’s very funny. So now we can go to sleep at 10 o’clock. And one of the most needed things on camp is a swimming pool, here the pool is very cool, and that’s so cool.

Nikita Dainov, 12 years old Blue team


Hello, friends!
My name is Neks. I am an attendant representing the Blue Carriage » The Heroes From Zero’s». Masha my partner I still on the time machine trying to reach the final destination for this summer » English+2020″
In our carriage we have smart, strong, brave and humble children aka the Heroes from zero’s.
Well, let’s talk about yesterday.
Yesterday we had an evening performance, where we were supposed to show how the people from early stone age lost their fire. The performance was colourful, guess what we took the second place. Not bad, right?
Our children are so creative.
I am in love with this camp because it’s full of activities. We make sure that our travellers ain’t bored. The day always begin with a morning warm up, breakfast, group time ( my favourite time, because here we interact, play games and do all sorts of things to bring our team together), sports, English lessons and of course workshop.
This is a place we could call our own, where we knew we would always be able to find our friends, family, and even ourselves. Growing up we feel the need to cling to things for comfort for fear that our changing environment will take them away from us. 
MMC gave me time to develop and mature into the person I am today. You know how it is living in a world where everything is in constant motion, where we are always pushed to be better, do more, and get ahead, we are not left with much time to actually develop the skills to make ourselves the people we aspire to be. But this Camp gave me time and a place to grow.
Come to MMC and you’ll never go wrong.
Neks Breezy! Feel the breeze!


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