How I become a counselor of our red squad |

How I become a counselor of our red squad

Hello everyone! My name is Denis from the red team. Today we had a special day because it was self-management day and I was the couch of my own team. Firstly before everything starts all the new coaches came to the office and we had a staff meeting where we discussed everything about today and about our teams, also we had a new team that was created out of all staff members.
During the first meeting we got our responsibilities and joined our new teams. Straight after the meeting we had group time where we explained expressions of the day and started to think about cheerleading dance because today we had sport tournament and all the teams must dance to support their teams. After that we had meeting with our parents via zoom and danced to them our camp dance. Later we had a game named “Minute to win it” where all the campers were doing tasks to get some points to their team.
After that we could spend our points on auction where we could get some special prizes. Then we had basketball tournament where red team got first place and we showed our dances to support our teammates and get some manna. Results of our dances will be shared we us tomorrow. Because of self-management day we didn’t have our usual stations such as workshop and English but had 5 different stations, three of which were led by usual campers. In the end of the day we had special disco where everybody who want to dance had to be in the aristocratic costumes. Also we had some games for those who were already tired of dancing or just wanted to relax. After that we had candlelight where we were discussing how this day went and how me and partner were as a coaches.

I think it was amazing and I really enjoyed being a coach and I really appreciate that my teammates helped me with that job and were very responsible to me.

Denis Zemtsov, 16 y. o., Zhukovsky


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