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Homely parent’s day in MMC

Hello everyone! My name is Pasha, and today I’d like to tell you my impressions and emotions after such a bright and fascinating day in the camp. Читать далее…

Well, first of all, we had late wake-up and no warm-up that was very good after an active day in Forest Camp. After breakfast we started meeting parents and friends. What is more, among them there were many former participants of different sessions in MMC ready to spend their whole day in the camp and to help all the counselors and teachers in dealing with different kinds of concerns. Even though my parents didn’t come to MMC, I wasn’t disappointed at all, because I had many ways to entertain myself and I knew that it must have been really hard for my parents to travel here. All the children were happy to communicate and have fun with the visitors.

During usual morning meeting the tribes committed the rituals we always do, and the parents that, by the way, created their own tribe took part too in those rituals. Some children went after it to Kostroma or Yaroslavl with parents or elder friends, but others started a little journey to the town park. While we were having “Capture the flag” game, parents who stayed in the camp had a lot of activities that we were common us such as workshop, English, sport and even group time.

One of the most interesting parts of the day was board game’s station, when we could choose any of seven catching games, for example, “Uno” or “Dixit”. The best players won some sweet prizes from the organizers.

In the evening all the camp had a great opportunity to watch an amazing movie “Dog’s purpose”. Actually, as for me, I really liked its idea and plot. Dogs are the most devoted animals and I love them. They give all their loyalty and warmness to people, but sometimes dogs do not receive these positive feelings and emotions back what is very sad.

In conclusion, this day was rather special and it created some kind of cozy and homely atmosphere in MMC. I’m always looking forward to such days, but at the same time I’m upset that the session is coming to the end.

Pavel Isain, 17 years, Zhukovsky


Hello! My name is Richard, I’m back at MMC for the second time in 3 years. Today we had Parents day, I love this day as it gives us a chance to show and explain the English lessons and the progress their kids are making.

My previous sessions in 2015, I’d worked from the beginning all the way till the end. I really enjoy teaching and I have MMC to thank for this since opening a new career path for me. Since 2015 I’ve studied to become a qualified teacher through Cambridge TKT.

My teaching style is focused around the British Education, this involves getting to know the students and make the lessons both educational but interesting at the same time!

My lessons consists of FCE and CAE, the students I have in my class are all positive and very talkative. Even the youngest children always have a story to share.

Speaking about the lessons in more details, we prepare students for Cambridge Exams that they will sit over the next few days. I work with Cambridge sources all year so this makes my job here even more pleasant. The other teachers I work with are fantastic! Masha, who is our head teacher supports us and if we require, always offers advice or lesson suggestions.

Here at MMC, we have football as a Stations at Options choice, so I’m always pleased to get involved. It’s lovely to continue the lessons outside of the classroom and also teach my American cousins what real football is all about!

I hope in the future I’ll be given the chance to return to this camp! The other members of staff are caring with lovely personalities! What makes this camp special over the others? The children!! They truly are the heart of this camp. We offer the resources and the themes, the councilors work magic and allow the children to express themselves. MMC gives everyone involved an unforgettable experience that will always be remembered.

Richard Ellison, Native English Teacher. Isle of Man.


  1. What makes this camp special over the others? The children + the staff = THE BEST English camp in Russia
    MMC is really special, though every year it is different.

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