High Seas Showdown |

High Seas Showdown

My name is Dima. I am from the BEST Green Crew. My captains are Slava Boba and Ocean Daughter. 

Today I woke up at 7:53. I was full of emotions. I was happy that today is a new day in my favorite and best camp MMC. I brushed my teeth and went outside with my friends. At 8:15 the bell rang for exercise, and I went to it. We had fun and it was cool at exercise. 

After exercise, we went to clean the rooms. I cleaned it well and Slava Boba said it was beautiful, and then I went for a walk. 

Then we had breakfast; everything was very tasty! I had an omelet and soup. After breakfast, we had group time. We learned the word of the day, the saying of the day, and the tongue twister of the day. Then there was a meeting. Then at the shipyard, we made pirate amulets. I was happy and made the logo of the basketball team «Los Angeles Lakers.» Then there was free time, and I played table football. We have a lot of football players in MMC. So I learn a lot. 

Then there was English class. We played hot potato and wrote a test. I came out of English class tired but happy. Then there was sports. We played pioneer ball and dodgeball. At first, we were winning, but then we started to lose positions and in the end, we lost 24-22. I was upset. After this, there was group time where we made a ship and waves. It turned out very beautiful, and I was happy. Then there was lunch. 

For lunch, there was soup and buckwheat with meat. It was very, very, very, very tasty. Then there was free time. And then quiet time. I watched a movie in the assembly hall. I and my friends had fun. Then there was a meeting, and I was happy. Then there was group time. 

In the evening after the stations, there was a sports event. We played different games. We jumped like frogs and jumped on bubbles, we run like horses and we swam like fishes. Even though we took 3rd place, we had a lot of fun. After this, there was a meeting. And then dinner. It was very, very, very tasty. And then we went home and went to bed. I was looking forward to the new day because I want to be in MMC every time.

Dima Zhurin aka Plankton, Green Crew


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  1. Many thanks to Dima for such a detailed and amazing story about another wonderful day at the camp! Thanks to Dima everyone can plunge into the atmosphere of a great summer adventure at this place!

  2. Лидия

    Дорогой Дима! Было очень очень очень и очень интересно читать твой рассказ о дне в лагере. Я желаю всем ребятам счастливого каждого дня!

  3. It was pleasure to read ur article! U did great job🫶🏻
    Now I want omelet and soup for breakfast too)))

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