Helper for three days

Hello, my name is Ksusha! And I would like to tell you about my typical day at MMC. So, let’s begin!  Читать далее…

Today was my third day as a helper. And of course, I was very excited about it! I really wanted to try this role, and I was happy when our king Egor chose me (THANK YOU VERY MUCH). I enjoy this great job, especially our funny подводки. And it’s very nice, when people you don’t know recognize you. Thank you, guys! I will try to do my best and I hope that next year I`ll have this position again
Also, today we had forest camp. The weather wasn’t so good, but my mood was great thanks to my friends ( love you all!) We did a lot of interesting things, like playing a game similar to baseball (which is called Lapta). Also, we had shooting, archery and forge. The last activity was house time, during that one we had to show our teamwork, I think that we did it really great because our team is like real family. Unfortunately, we didn`t stay in the forest camp till the end of the day because of the weather, but I still enjoyed it.
Another important part of this day was disco. We had to dress up in the style of 90s. We looked so nice and funny in our costumes. Music was great, especially slow dances. I really enjoyed it;)
It’s very sad that this session passed so fast and I can’t believe it. I will miss all my friends and team, and I hope to meet them next year.
Ксения Карязина, 16 лет, г.Москва


I walked passed the beige gateway of MMC at 12 am with one main goal in mind: to learn Russian. Little did I know that the unfamiliar faces of Dasha and Yana, two Russian counselors at the camp, and the strangely sized steps leading me and the other foreigners to our living space would soon feel like a second home. A second home that would give me not only better Russian skills, but new Russian and American friends, perspectives, and almost even a new sense of self.

To start with perspectives, having been a swim coach and a Russian tutor, I thought I knew everything about teaching and dealing with kids. It wasn’t until working in the forge, the word we used in the camp to describe the workshop space, that I realized how little I actually knew. I knew how to give kids instructions and explain concepts, but I had never been encouraged to relate to them and make their experience with me fun the way I had at MMC. The other forge leader, Jenny, helped me learn how to do this. Even though she didn’t know how to fully express herself in English, the energy she brought to each lesson added a vibrance to the atmosphere that made kids light up. Though her I discovered, that even if kids didn’t understand what I was saying or wanted to be in the forge, approaching each lesson with energy and kindness would make time in the forge enjoyable. And it did. I was shocked by the end when I would walk through the courtyard and kids would run up to me to hug or high five me, or when kids would cheer when the king called me up to give the forge project of the day. I went from thinking the kids would never like me or my lessons because they couldn’t understand the quirks of my character in English, to gaining followers on multiple social media platforms (VK and instagram) because of them.

The tight-knit community that I saw cultivate at MMC among the kids extended to the counselors as well. Despite being the “baby” here (I’m the only high school counselor) hanging out after hours with Russian and American counselors in our living space, walking around the small town of Nerekhta in our free time, and going on excursions to nearby towns with the foreigners, left me with relationships stronger than some of the ones I have at home. So strong, that I even tried to extend my time here at MMC and stay another session but found out it was too expensive. Leaving the beige gateway of MMC for the last time, although bitter, provides me with a sweet feeling of independence, good memories, and new perspectives and approaches to life.

Katrina of All Trades


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