Forest camp |

Forest camp

Today we had the late wake up as we had a tiny journey to the forest camp. We went there by foot and that was really amazing. It took 2 hours and we spent that time with great enjoyment. We were talking and listening to our favourite songs. In the forest camp we had lots of activities, but shooting station became my favourite one. 

My friend and I spent in this station about 1,5 hour. It was a great experience for me and I understood that I really could shoot to the aim as it was my first try. 

Moreover, it should be mentioned that food in the forest camp was so tasty. I ate plov and it seemed to be the best plov in my live. 

After forest camp we came back and got the opportunity to go to our swimming pool.  We had lots of fun….and…that is not the end! After we also has a disco. Don’t you think that was incredible day? I think it was! I love MM. to the moon and back!

Lisa Polupanova, 15 y.o., blue team Kostroma


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