«Don’t be nervous!” |

«Don’t be nervous!”

Yesterday was a difficult and very busy day!  We had a late подъем due to the upcoming exams, everyone was worried and nervous, but our counselors supported us, so it became easier for me. The exam длился приблизительно 2 hours, but when we finished I почувствовал облегчение and calmed down.  Then, after lunch and rest, we set about preparing for an evening event called «Shadow Theater». During the nap time I played a card game called “Magic the gathering” with my friends in our room. Together with the counselors, we staged a very beautiful dance, despite the fact that our song was very difficult. Moreover, I participated in a workshop station in the evening, preparing decorations for our performance. By the way, our counselors said that the video can be watched on YouTube. Немного грустно that we took 3rd place, but we enjoyed the process, so everyone said on our Candlelight, very pleased with our performance. 

It is very sad that there are only 3 days left, I hope they will be as intense as the previous ones!

Vasiliy Boitsov, 15, Moscows


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