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Crew Rall Call

Hello, I’m Nadya from blue crew. And I want to tell you about my day. 

At the morning, there was a sun, and at the middle of the day it was rainy. In the evening there was cold.

Today we had a lot of activities, and a performance.  

At sports we had rock climbing, and I climbed to the top. I liked our instructors.

On shipyard, we were making paracord bracelets. There I took photos on a professional camera for the first time. 

At the English lesson, we had a small test about past simple. It was easy for me, and I had ten points. 

At stations at options, I was preparing decorations for our show, it was a map and a snail for my costume. 

Our performance was great and I liked it. I was a Shailushai and our team named «Sea shailusais» took 1st place. I liked the costumes of the other crews. 

After our performances, we had a candlelight. There, we discussed our team and day. In my room, I have girls from the other crews. They are from yellow, green and blue teams. With them, we share a lot of  laughter.

Today was a great day, and I think, the next day will be good too. 

Next day I want to go to the pool, and I am waiting for a good wether. 

Sidneva Nadya, 11, Moscow

Blue crew


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