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Chocolate Story

Today we arrived at the camp. I am from Moscow and arrived before other children. 4 girls came into my room, Lena, Milana, Polina and Dasha. They are all my age. I met them, and we decided where we will sleep.

After that, we started to unpack our suitcase. And then went to meet with others guys during group time. Most of them were familiar because they study at the same school. There were cobwebs, bats and spiders in the camp. It gives an atmosphere of Halloween to us.

The staff team prepared a performance for us. They were in the chocolate factory, and were like Oompa-Loompas. After what Alyona said to us, that her friends, her staff team lost, and we need to find them. Firstly, we found Tanya, she has a problem with her boyfriend, He is a vampire and she doesn’t know what to do, stay with him, or no. We took her to Alyona, and she tried to decide her problem, after that Tanya said that her friend has problems with the bat. We find Miss D, she had a bat, but in one day she lost her. Another story was from Kofi, he likes to eat a lot of pumpkins. Mmeso told us the story about spiders. And finally, Polina had some skeletons in the closet.

We found all staff team, and had a pizza for snack. In the evening we took shower and chatted with girls. After that we went to sleep. It was an amazing day.

Volkova Arina, Red team


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