Hello everyone!
My name is Nastya. I am 15 y.o. Today we had a chill day. It was very nice day. We woke up at 8.30. Then we went to the breakfast. It was very tasty, I like it. Then we had meeting with dance rehearsal. It was fantastic. Also I was a LEADER OF THE DAY. At 11 o’clock we had a FAIR. We earn coins and then bought something very special. As for me, I bought a MMC cup. I really like this FAIR. After that we had lunch and after nap time. At nap time we had our phones and my friends and I listen some music. After 1 hour we had our sport festival, we played floorball.WE WON FIRST PLAYS. I WAS REALY HAPPY.

Then we had a snack and we had stations, I went to the rolersurf station.I really liked it, always some new experience bring me happy. Then we had dinner. It was very delicious. And after we had DICKO ( DISKO-TEKA, DISKO-TEKA, DISKO DISKO-TEKA TEKA). This was my favorite part of the day, because I love dancing. There was very good music. After DICKO we had snack and then we went to the red house and prepared to the sleep time.I really tired and i wanted to go to sleep. AND THIS WAS THE END OF OUR CHILL DAY, I THINK IT WAS THE BEST DAY. I LOVE MMC.

Anastasiya Maslenikova, Blue power



My name is Thandiwe Theresa Chisanga i am originally from Zambia and I am a counselor for the blue team, we go by «flying dutchmen».
Saturday was an amazing day as it was a relaxed day and we just «chillaxed». My morning started with a stuff meeting and preparation for the day ahead. I later checked the kids their rooms and we went for an appetising breakfast… after breakfast we had power time which is commonly known as group time.. we checked how are kids were doing, played games, went through the tongue twister, saying of the day and word of the day.

Later we had online meeting with parents the kids showcased their group dance and this was amazing to be part of. We had a fair where kids were able to visit different stations in order to obtain coins and buy stuff such as candy chips and many more. Later in the evening we had sports tournament and the sport was floor ball… it was great to see how kids supported each other and how they strive for first place. After the sports tournament we had our evening snack and kids went to their various rooms for the night routine… it was a very bright and cheerfull day 😊

Thandiwe Theresa Chisanga, chief of the Blue power



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