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Hello, my name is Denis, I’m from blue team and no matter how long I was here, BlueBoChicken will always be with me.
It was a great session and last day was a great final of it.
Firstly, warm up I remember how when I was here first time I didn’t like it, but then I understood that morning warm up is one of the best part of the day.
Then was morning activities, and group time where we prepared for our last performance.
After nap time there was group time again where we tried to play our performance, we were having a great idea to make something like festival and I think that we did it great, maybe it wasn’t our best performance, but I still love it.
Ok let’s continue, then there were stations at options and first as always was workshop where we can prepare costumes or decorations for the perfomance, also it was SUDDENLY mortal kombat and station named «KRASNODAR», on first station you could play Mortal Kombat with Egor (but I don’t really like it, if you in English camp do as campers do) and on second station you could watch football match with Richard, but as always I went on English games and was talking English with Dasha and Mika and playing some games.
And finally Performance, I think all teams had great performances but red’s was better (of course not, blue is the best) like judges said.
Then was disco and hugs (hugs is MMC traditional evening event where you can say thx for anyone you want and of course hug him).
Then judges told us results (red team is the winner but blue is the best and we know it)
Thank you MMC for this great session, it was really cool.
Денис Земцов, Blue carriage


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